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These are the Generations

“A riveting account of North Korea’s all-out attempt to isolate its people from the gospel. God has miraculously used generations of the Bae family to keep a candle-flicker of gospel light burning in North Korea.”

-- Jim Dau, President, Voice of the Martyrs


“This winsomely written true story of a multigenerational Christian family shows the North Korean dictatorship's all-encompassing hatred of Christianity, and the courage of underground Christians who risk everything to follow Christ.”

-- Mary Sue Daoud, World News Group 





In 1907, the Pyongyang Revival brought an explosion of Christianity to Northern Korea. Missionary William Blair proclaimed “great oceans of prayer beating against the throne of God.” Fifty years later those oceans evaporated under the searing persecution of North Korea, but a few tiny streams trickled on.

These are the Generations is the story of Mr. Bae, a North Korean underground Christian.  This story chronicles how one North Korean family received and passed on the gospel from generation to generation, through labor camps, prisons, interrogations, and the greatest challenge of all—everyday life in North Korea.

Mr. and Mrs. Bae’s story is a testament to the truth that North Korean Christians do not seek pity or yearn primarily for freedom. Instead, constantly in danger of death, in the only society in human history ever built as an intentional distortion of Christianity, they seek and yearn for more of God.




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